sarah davidson


artist interview series - volumes project



Mixed Media

Dynamo Arts Association


Describe your ideal studio space in 3 words:

Big, Bright and Cheap...and windows would be nice.


What is your favourite artist run centre of gallery in the city?

That's really hard to say, because I think what makes Vancouver interesting is the fact that we have a diverse ecosystem of institutions, commercial galleries, and artist-run spaces. I think that mix is what fosters discourse around art in the city. (this is what I was saying about the different openings, if you would like to include it: "The other night I went to four openings and they were all wildly different. There was a feminist reading room and social history project at 221a, and two shows at commercial galleries (Rebecca Brewer's textiles and paintings at Catriona Jeffries and across the alley way Phillip Mccrum's paintings at Chernoff Fine Art). Then I popped up the hill and took in Lis Rhodes' experimental, political film at Western Front. We're lucky to be in a place where all of this and more can coexist.


If you could change one thing about living and working in Vancouver what would it be?

Everyone must answer this the same way, no? I wish it was more economically feasible to live here! If I have to keep juggling four different jobs besides art, I'm going to burn out.