angela fama


Artist interview series - volumes project



Multidisciplinary Photographic Artist

Home studio


Describe your ideal studio space in three words:

How about "around" 4? :) ?






What is your favourite artist run centre of gallery in the city?

I have always had great appreciation for Presentation House due to it's history of exposing and displaying photography as an art form both past and present. I loved working with *BAF and having it be such a good experience. I am also just really glad that we have so many types of spaces that artists can show here in Vancouver and can find something to appreciate within each for often very different reasons.


If you could change one thing about living and working in Vancouver what would it be?

This is a really hard question for me to answer. I feel like if there is ever anything you don't like about a place or yourself within a situation, it is you who has to look inwards for that change and potentially help to make the change you wish for around you to exist. "Wishing Isn't Good Enough" - Mae West